Ruth L Miller integrates modern science and ancient wisdom in her books, classes, and individual guidance sessions. Peruse this site to see some of the things she has to say about how we can live a more abundant, satisfying life.
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How can you create the life you want

                           when you don’t know the questions to ask?

Dr. Ruth Miller has new answers because she asks very different questions.

She looks beyond the norm, drawing on the ancient (and recent) past with a new perspective.

This site is where you can get to know Ruth and her work, and maybe learn something useful in the process!

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Most people consider life a battle, but it’s not a battle; it’s a game.

Ruth Miller has created an experience that wakes us up to how life really works.

Understanding that life is a game and that there are rules is the first step.

A few people have studied and practiced and found out how the Game works and how we can play it… Florence Shinn was one of those and Ruth Miller has taken the mystery out if it.

So now we can all be successful at the Game of Life… we can all find the clues, follow them, and achieve Completion.

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 Palms, Passover, & Passion: the traditions of Eastertide

 Throughout Christendom, the holiest day of the year is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal (spring) equinox. We call it Easter. And this year it falls on Sunday, April 5.

It moves because it’s tied to the Jewish Passover feast, which, according to the Gospels, was the last meal Jesus the Christ shared with his disciples: the Last Supper.

Passover is when Jewish people honor their salvation from Egypt. As seen in the film, Ten Commandments, they were told to stay up that night, rather than go to bed, and feast on lamb, painting lamb’s blood on their door so God’s Angel of Death would “pass over” them and only kill Egyptians. The Hebrew Torah (the Christian Old Testament) says to honor this night each year, remembering how God delivered His children from slavery and death. And Jesus and his disciples, being good Jews, followed the prescribed ritual.

The same ritual happens today. Each year, Jews gather at sunset and, reading the Passover Haggadah, eat certain foods, drink special wine, and tell the Exodus story, saying prescribed prayers along the way. As in Jesus’ time, each of those prayers begins “Blessed are You, Lord God of Creation, for through Your goodness…” Today, the meal includes mourning those who are no longer present, as well as stories, songs, and dancing, and ends with a shout, “Next year in Jerusalem!” to honor their 2000-year exile from the Promised Land.

Because the Gospels say that Jesus and his disciples celebrated Passover on the night before the beginning of Sabbath, Christians always honor the Last Supper on a Thursday. The English (and Episcopalians) call this Maundy Thursday, which is probably derived from the Latin word meaning “Mandated.”

But since the full moon doesn’t always land on a Thursday, this means the Christian holiday (holy day) isn’t always on Passover. This year, 2015, Maundy Thursday and the start of Passover occur on the same day, April 2, so Christians and Jews will be honoring the Exodus at the same time.

After the feast, the Gospels tell us, Jesus went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray and, late in the night, was turned over to Herod and the Temple authorities. So begins the Passion, and many devout Christians fast from Thursday night through Sunday morning to honor the events related in the Gospel stories. read more…

Meet the Creator…

Dr. Ruth L. Miller is an eclectic scholar with multiple degrees in the sciences, social sciences, and the ministry. Her work takes the best of past ideas and practices and brings them forward into today’s world and tomorrow’s possibilities.

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