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Celebrating February

Celebrating February: The month of every-kind-of-weather…and holiday!

Some of the best days of the year to be on the Oregon coast are during the month of February—and some of the worst. Historically, the weekend of Lincoln’s birthday has been snowy and the weekend of Washington’s birthday has been wonderfully warm and sunny—the first (and last!) real sunshine for months in the Pacific Northwest. Who knows what “global climate change” will bring us this year?

February is also a weird mixture of holidays: February 2nd is a major Celtic celebration, then, the next day (this year) is the Lunar New Year, which is celebrated all over Asia and in Asian-American communities, then 10 days later we honor the man who freed the African slaves and kept the Union together, then just 2 days later, we celebrate “national hearts and flowers day” and the Italian bishop who taught us all to tell people we love them. Finally, barely over a week later, we take a day off in honor of the man whose personal integrity kept us a republic, rather than a democratic monarchy. Whew! Fortunately, this year we don’t have to add in Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday—and that’s all in the shortest month of the year!

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