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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


Does 2012 mean the end of the world?

No. Not if you’re talking about “the world” as Planet Earth. None of the prophecies or forecasts suggest that there’s any reason to assume that the planet will disappear or be so significantly damaged that life can no longer be sustained.

However, if “the world” is “the way we live and expect things to happen” then, Yes; the world as we know it will not exist after 2012, except in a few places….

“The world” that all the prophecies and many of the forecasts are saying will end is the world of massive material gain with instant material gratification for a few and much struggle for many; the world of attempting to control Nature rather than work with Her; the world of “us and them,” “bad guys and good guys.”

The forecasts say that the resources (and our bodies) will not allow that pattern of living to be sustained. The prophecies say that “only the children of the Earth” will survive.

That suggests that those communities and regions that are ecologically balanced and relatively self-sufficient will be comparatively unaffected by events that may be devastating for some other regions and communities.

It also suggests that a new way of living, a “new world” is emerging to replace the “old one.” While there are few forecasts exploring that possibility, the prophecies suggest that the next “world” (read “era” or “eon”) will be focused on spiritual development rather than material development and new technologies will be harmonious with Earth rather than in conflict with natural processes, leading to an abundant life of well-being for all.

My book Make The World Go Away; the gift of 2012 lays all this out in detail, with some tools to use along the way.


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