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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


What do you think about the predictions about June 15th earth quake in Washington state?

A number of people, particularly those who follow J Z Knight’s Ramtha work up there in Yelm, have been saying for a couple of decades that people should be prepared to do without commercial services for at least a year when the current economic system breaks down and environmental shifts take place.

Over the years that I’ve been working with these ideas, we’ve had so many predictions of disaster and disruption like those that it’s sometimes hard to take them seriously, even though I’m one of the first to say that our current economic system is breaking down—and must for all our sakes.

What I’ve learned is that the people who listen to their highest wisdom instead of following cultural and personal programs are always in the right place at the right time with all that they need to be safe and sound. They’re in the hills when there’s floods, in the valley when there’s slides, somewhere else when there’s an accident and safe and warm when there’s a storm.

So pay attention to what you’re feeling in the moment, then pay attention to where that feeling is coming from. Generally, fear is not a useful guide, while interest and excitement are. If the idea of a little place in the mountains where you can enjoy living simply and being self-sufficient, having stored a few luxuries, sounds really appealing, then go for it! If not, then discover what does and do that (I call it choosing the 3Es: effortless, enjoyable, energizing)–it will most likely place you exactly where you’ll be happiest and safest in the years to come.



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