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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


How can we maintain integrity when there’s a sense of commitment?

In our culture “integrity” can become as much of a ball-and-chain as an addiction. It’s often more about shame and fear of losing face than about being true to ourselves or our commitment. And, for me, it’s kept me in a few places far longer than is healthy (joyful and satisfying) for all concerned.

It’s useful to remember that the only reason for confusion, ever, is getting distracted from Principle.

So when there’s confusion, we turn to Principle!

Here’s one way to do that. We start by stating what we know to be true, whether we can feel it in the moment or not, as for example:

  • The One Power is Good and it’s everywhere so there’s nothing we have to do to make Good happen.
  • The One Source is joy and satisfaction flowing into joy and satisfaction so there’s nothing I need to do to experience more joy and satisfaction except feel joy and satisfaction, now
  • If I’m not feeling joy and satisfaction now, what do I need to release? A belief? An object? A fear?
  • As I go “into the wilderness” to release that, what replacement for it feels most joy-filled and satisfying, now; how can I fill my heart and soul and satisfaction?

When we’ve done that, when we’ve let go (“cast the burden”) of the thing that’s blocking our experience of this moment as heavenly, then we’re clear about what is truly ours to be and do in the moment.

Perhaps we need to replace the word “integrity” with “enlightened self-interest” or, as Emerson calls it, Self-reliance. For when we operate from that deep, inner knowing, there’s no confusion and no fear and, truly, everyone benefits.



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