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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


If everything’s “perfect” how do you deal with painful memories?

We have the misconception that what we experience with the 5 senses is what God created. Not true.
As all neurophysiologists and cyberneticians know, what we perceive is always a function of our mental framework. We can’t see, hear, taste, touch, or smell anything that isn’t already in our neural nets and it takes at least 5 experiences before the network includes it. So the world we perceive is not real. This is what the sanskrit term “maya” is all about.
Who you are and how you experience life, from conception, has not been the perfection that is what we call God created. What “God creates” is eternal, unchanging, whole–and the you that is You is that. But in this life we’ve been encouraged to act as if the you that is your perceptions is real. So we tend to focus on perceived experience rather than the “real” experience that Hindus call “samadhi” and Australian aboriginals call “dreamtime.” That’s what’s real. Unchanging; eternal; what “God created.” ”In the Native American tradition, it’s the quality of Rabbit, of Standing People, of Swimmers–not the bunny we see, or the tree, or the fish in the stream–that is real and was present in the “before-time” that in the biblical tradition is called “the Garden of Eden.”
Who you are, is an eternal vibratory pattern in the quantum field out of which everything–matter, energy, and information–emerges. How you show up and what you remember and are currently experiencing is a function of your mental framework in the moment.
Think about it, isn’t it true that sometimes you are fully alive and vibrant and none of that means anything to you? That’s when you’re most You, and least the “false you” or “ego” that has been built up through life in this culture.
The purpose of the “Releasing the Past” process I use is to begin to unravel the neural network and the confusion about that. It begins to help us shift our identity from past memories and stories that we’ve used to define ourselves and move to the Truth of our Selves.
Another aspect of who You are, is, as physicists have discovered, that you live in multiple universes, with infinite possible futures… and infinite possible pasts! They’re all You! They’re all Your history! Which one do you want to be living? Which one do you want to live from?
Is it more important to hang on to a particular story (and universe) describing a past, or to be wonderfully alive, now! What story about your past would let you feel wonderfully alive now? That’s the question to ask in the “replacing” part of the process.
 In this culture, we all have experiences with parents and others that were painful. We all can live our lives from those stories or not. We get to choose. For whatever reason, in that moment, part of us chose (yes, we did!) that experience.
Now, knowing better, we no longer have to keep choosing it! We are no longer that person… that person is not Real! Who do we want to be?
This is why Jesus said “call no man your father, for there is one Father, in heaven.” Our true Selves are “children of God” (the meaning of Israel). Our true Parent is Unconditionally Loving, Totally Accepting, Always Giving and Nourishing… the person who raised our childhood selves is one of many possible set of experiences and is exactly who and what we were prepared for in that universe at that moment.
So choose. Choose now. Given all that you know now, how would you experience your life at various ages? Given all that you know about parenting, how would you parent you?
  • We can start with the best memories we have of our childhood and move from there. Even if all we did was focus on those and repeat those over and over in our story of how we grew up, today’s world would be easier for us.
  • We can go on from there to be present as a guide or aide through various events that we remember as tough or difficult. If we do that, we begin to realize that we’re never really isolated and alone and are always guided and supported today, too.
  • The next level is to actually re-live our childhood and adolescence in the universe in which we, and everyone around us, knew that we were a delightful Gift and Blessing and had a fabulous, unique, way of being and contribution to the whole that needs to be honored and developed with love and support. If we do that, we can move freely and confidently in this and every world, experiencing more and more alignment with our inner Truth, and less and less distress.

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