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Is the “Nazi-Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space” real?

This is in reply to a question about an article by Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer on The link is:

Talk about hype!

The answer is No, it’s not. A 10,000 year-old meteorite was carved into a human figurine in about 1,000 c.e.. There is no Buddha and no “statue from outer space”.

The article doesn’t say it’s a statue of the Buddha, but rather a “war god” of the Buddhists, who, the article suggests, is named Jambhala or Vaisravana.


There’s at least 3 reasons why this can’t be true:

  1. Buddhists don’t have “gods.” They have demons and bodhisattvas and other non-human beings, but not gods in the sense of Christian or Greek theology.
  2. Buddhism is a philosophy of peace—the only weapon encouraged is the one that cuts away internal blocks to that peace—and that’s not a lemon but a dagger or dorge, which means thunderbolt.
  3. Buddhist leaders generally have little or no hair on their heads and faces—shaving it off is part of their practice of renunciation—and this guy is as hairy as a Viking!

In fact, the figurine is wearing several crosses and a helmet that suggests he is far more likely to be a Templar than anything else—just one more sign that those mysterious “brothers of the Temple of Solomon” have been far more places doing far more things than anyone ever told us.

So don’t buy the hype… the truth is even more mysterious!



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