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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


What is Visioning?

For several decades, people have used guided visualization to experience various states of consciousness, to discover intuitive insights, and to expand awareness. For thousands of years, certain members of every kind of society have practiced a form of visualization that has recently been called “shamanic journeys,” which requires considerable preparation and allows the practitioner to enter a state of consciousness in which their awareness connects with other species, other forms of life, and other dimensions of being.

In the New Thought tradition, guided visualization has been called “meditation” and is a form of contemplation on a concept or state of being. In Unity, it’s used to precede a time of silence, during which one simply waits, expectantly, for a word, an idea, or an insight. In the Science of Mind practice (taught in what were formerly known as churches of Religious Science, but are now called Centers for Spiritual Living), this practice has evolved to what they call Visioning.

In Visioning, a minister, practitioner, facilitator, or student simply enters a meditative state and asks the following questions:

1. What is the highest vision or perfect idea for (person, project, organization)?

2. What must we become to empower the vision?

3. What must be released?

4. What must be embraced?

5. Is there any other information that we need in this moment?

Any image or word that comes to mind is written down and used as the basis for action. When done in a group, different people may have different pieces of the answer, so all share whatever they’ve experienced, for the good of the whole.


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