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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


How much can ego influence the things and people around us? Can our ego manipulate things and people showing up on our doorstep?

How much can ego influence the things and people around us? Can our ego manipulate things and people showing up on our doorstep? I understand it can tap into, or mimic spirit, but can it make animal messengers show up in my yard?

Yes, the ego/small-self can really take us for a ride–it is after all programmed to keep us feeling separate from our Source, our good, and so it will do all kinds of contradictory things to make sure that happens.

One of its tricks is to imitate Spirit. We may “hear” or “see” glorious light and beautiful possibilities, but mixed with criticism, judgment, and fear-mongering–that always is the ego. And, because we perceive the world around us as a reflection of what we’re being in the moment, the people around us show up just as the ego decides they will based on the beliefs we’re still holding about ourselves and the world.

You know it’s Spirit communicating when it’s totally unconditionally loving; accepting what is, offering guidance for the next step (always just the next step, because that’s all that Is in this moment), and feels totally fitting with who and what you are, right now.

So, if there’s any sense of criticism, judgment, and fear-mongering, that is always the ego, whether it’s inside or outside, and is a sign that there’s a belief in separation from your Source has gotten in the way and blocked your current realization of well-being…

And that’s actually a good thing! We need these experiences to show us what we believe that’s out of alignment with Who We ARE, and we need to release them to become THAT…. then all is well until we come around again in life and get to do it at the next level–ah, the joys of becoming!


What is “the pain-body”?

“Pain-body” is a term made popular by Eckhart Tolle (the author of The Power of Now) as part of his process for helping people get beyond the tendency to live in the past and future. It’s also used as part of the training in some meditation methods (in Robert Newman’s Childbirth Meditation, for example). It refers to the accumulated memories and ideas of being hurt that sometimes seem to take us over and prevent us from living fully.

The purpose of the term is to help us see that the feelings of emotional or physical pain are not us, they’re not who we are and we’re not stuck with them. It’s intended to help us realize that we are the observer of the distress, not the distress itself, and we can move beyond it.

Unfortunately, the use of a label like that also makes the experience into something. It encourages us to think there’s something “other” than us that’s trying to “do something to us.” That’s not how I work.

My preference is to recognize that a distressing feeling is part of a story that I’m experiencing and I can choose to experience something else. It’s kind of like those movies where the actors are sitting around as adults and suddenly children are sitting in their places–they’ve been “hooked” or “triggered” by the experience into the same feelings and behaviors they had as children so they might as well be their child selves.

By realizing that the feelings I’m having are associated with a story I’m telling myself, I can recognize the fact and choose otherwise. Continue reading What is “the pain-body”?