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Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog (Apr 24, 2013) hints at the New Energy. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for asking! This is an interesting commentary on what’s unfolding inside us and around us.

She says: “In the Old Age, you received information that all would be erratic” So true! But it was because the “filters”, the people who were receiving and sharing the information, were clogged with conflicting ideas and egoic influences, more than anything else.

She goes on: “Even though the broad categories of the 12 astrological signs continue, as earth and the Universes shift so do stars in the heavens. ” This doesn’t feel quite accurate to me… my understanding is that the earth is shifting on its axis and its position in the galaxy so it looks like things are shifting in “the heavens”… but more, my sense is that all is constantly shifting as a reflection of our inner state, so of course, as our inner state is “uplifted” the externals shift as well.

Her statement: “Eclipses and full moons, as will be occurring this week, are not necessarily worrisome as has been true in the past.” No longer applies. It’s been decades since most of us felt worried about these events–in fact, aware folks have been celebrating them and applying the energy that they exemplify in their lives!

Then she says: “will Lightworkers who have awakened be more joyful and sparkle a bit more? Yes.” I’m certainly feeling this right now–got my glow back! Feels like it’s about the shift from “endings” energy to “beginnings” energy that happened Mar 21. We’ve completed the cycle of the past Aeon and are truly beginning the new. What a fabulous time to be alive!

Her comment: “…you were told perhaps you were no longer a Leo – that you should adhere to the sign before or after because of shifting star patterns? Such was the first salvo of the new astrological world,” is referring to the realization that some folk have had that the Precession of the Earth in relation to the planets and galaxy has meant that the ancient Chaldean signs are not in the same places on the same dates as our current ephemeris tells us. She’s answering a specific question to a specific person, but the idea has been true for many folks. I’ve been enjoying watching this development and will continue to do so.

Then she tacks on: “Just as more people will find channeling a common means of communication – which will soon be outdated by the way.” Now that’s intriguing! More and more people are acknowledging that much of what they write and most of their ideas and inspiration seems to be more like “channeling” than anything else, more and more preachers are having “conversations with God,” and more and more folks are experiencing the synchronicity of thinking about people or things and having them show up in their lives. So we’re just beginning to realize how integral channeling can be in our lives. Can’t help but wonder when “soon” is…

I totally agree that what she calls “Old Age astrology” is no longer useful—it hasn’t been for some people for a long time—mostly because it assumed we couldn’t/wouldn’t evolve out of the box of our natal chart, even though the Mysteries all taught people how to do so! I think we’re going to find that Medieval Astrology will inform and help define her “New Age” astrology, making it far more useful… after all “as above, so below” and vice versa: as we shift our consciousness the world around us must shift—it can’t not.



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