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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


What’s the Difference Between “mental image” and “mental framework”?

We all have an inner vision of who we are (or could be) that is founded in an awareness of our highest form of being (which I generally refer to as the Higher Self). That vision is something most of us don’t dare acknowledge because it seems so far from the perceived “reality” that to express it is to risk great disappointment. It’s sometimes called a “mental image”.

 It’s usually surrounded by (and often buried under) all the other messages we’ve accumulated over a lifetime which, together, make up our mental framework. These are a mixture of decisions we’ve made about how the world works, things we accepted from what we were taught, patterns established by our parents, ideas that infiltrated thru advertising and stories, and the like.

 The mental framework is literally the pattern of connections in the neural net and it determines how information taken in thru the senses is perceived, interpreted, and responded to.

 The purpose of my Releasing the Past process (also called Express/Release/Replace) is to bring the mental framework into alignment with the vision/image and, ultimately with the Higher Self.

 We start with the vision/image because that’s a step closer to the Higher Self that is still addressing the material form. After doing the process for a while, people begin to see the material form align with their heretofore “impossible” vision. They’re healthier, with more balance and joy in their lives, and much less stress. They also are usually functioning as the Observer, though they may not use that word, because they’re aware of what they’re feeling and what the source of the feeling is.

 Then, people usually begin to see that they are not the material form nor the mental framework nor even the vision/image. At that point they begin the process of realizing their essence as part of the Creative Flow, from their experience rather than from teachings. They begin to actively and intentionally “create their day” or “co-create the world” or “youthify their body” or some such. This is the first step on the next rung of the spiral ladder we’re all ascending.


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