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What are Doppelgangers?

An interesting website introduces the idea and provides some possible stories of doppelgangers:

Unfortunately, it’s a little confusing in its examples, mixing bilocation, “shades” and visions, and astral projection all together.

Bilocation, 2 full material forms of the same person in 2 different places at the same time, has been documented many times over. Some examples include:

  • Paramahansa Yogananda’s guru and his father’s guru both bilocated as a way to bring them into the fold.
  • Padre Pio has many, many documented bilocations–some in hospitals in the US while he never left Italy
Astral projection is a more accurate term for the teacher occupying the chair and working in the garden at the same time in France, or the Parliamentarian in his seat and at home with the flu. My own students (at New West Seminary) were able to project a semi-material presence–a form that could be felt or seen–to each other as class projects, and I have several friends who do so on a fairly regular basis.
Seeing one’s self in the future is not the same… that’s more like an interdimensional “shade” or “shadow”, an “echo” of an intense emotional experience that cuts across dimensions of time & space. Richard Bach plays a lot with that one in both ONE and Bridge Across Forever.
To me, a true Doppelganger fits the stories of people seeing or hearing reports of themselves doing something in the same time but different space that is not what or where they’re experiencing themselves–and with no intention of doing so.



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