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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog (Apr 24, 2013) hints at the New Energy. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for asking! This is an interesting commentary on what’s unfolding inside us and around us.

She says: “In the Old Age, you received information that all would be erratic” So true! But it was because the “filters”, the people who were receiving and sharing the information, were clogged with conflicting ideas and egoic influences, more than anything else.

She goes on: “Even though the broad categories of the 12 astrological signs continue, as earth and the Universes shift so do stars in the heavens. ” This doesn’t feel quite accurate to me… my understanding is that the earth is shifting on its axis and its position in the galaxy so it looks like things are shifting in “the heavens”… but more, my sense is that all is constantly shifting as a reflection of our inner state, so of course, as our inner state is “uplifted” the externals shift as well.

Her statement: “Eclipses and full moons, as will be occurring this week, are not necessarily worrisome as has been true in the past.” No longer applies. It’s been decades since most of us felt worried about these events–in fact, aware folks have been celebrating them and applying the energy that they exemplify in their lives!

Then she says: “will Lightworkers who have awakened be more joyful and sparkle a bit more? Yes.” I’m certainly feeling this right now–got my glow back! Feels like it’s about the shift from “endings” energy to “beginnings” energy that happened Mar 21. We’ve completed the cycle of the past Aeon and are truly beginning the new. What a fabulous time to be alive! Continue reading Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog (Apr 24, 2013) hints at the New Energy. What are your thoughts?


Where Are We in the Shift of 2012?

So much is happening on so many levels that no one person can track them all!

Mentally, we have people all over the world waking up to the realization that their mental framework has been based on fear and other people as authorities, while what really works for them is a mental framework based on love and an inner knowing.  And we have leaders sticking so intensely to a line of thinking that is clearly based on false premises or has no internal consistency that the people who used to take them seriously are now turning away, ignoring, or speaking out against them–everywhere on the planet.” Continue reading Where Are We in the Shift of 2012?


What do you think about the predictions about June 15th earth quake in Washington state?

A number of people, particularly those who follow J Z Knight’s Ramtha work up there in Yelm, have been saying for a couple of decades that people should be prepared to do without commercial services for at least a year when the current economic system breaks down and environmental shifts take place.

Over the years that I’ve been working with these ideas, we’ve had so many predictions of disaster and disruption like those that it’s sometimes hard to take them seriously, even though I’m one of the first to say that our current economic system is breaking down—and must for all our sakes.

What I’ve learned is that the people who listen to their highest wisdom instead of following cultural and personal programs are always in the right place at the right time with all that they need to be safe and sound. They’re in the hills when there’s floods, in the valley when there’s slides, somewhere else when there’s an accident and safe and warm when there’s a storm.

So pay attention to what you’re feeling in the moment, then pay attention to where that feeling is coming from. Generally, fear is not a useful guide, while interest and excitement are. If the idea of a little place in the mountains where you can enjoy living simply and being self-sufficient, having stored a few luxuries, sounds really appealing, then go for it! If not, then discover what does and do that (I call it choosing the 3Es: effortless, enjoyable, energizing)–it will most likely place you exactly where you’ll be happiest and safest in the years to come.



Does 2012 mean the end of the world?

No. Not if you’re talking about “the world” as Planet Earth. None of the prophecies or forecasts suggest that there’s any reason to assume that the planet will disappear or be so significantly damaged that life can no longer be sustained.

However, if “the world” is “the way we live and expect things to happen” then, Yes; the world as we know it will not exist after 2012, except in a few places…. Continue reading Does 2012 mean the end of the world?