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Ruth L Miller is an eclectic scholar with degrees in many fields of science and the social sciences and is ordained as a New Thought minister - because she keeps on seeking answers to the fundamental questions that make it possible for the spiritual beings we call humanity to live well and in harmony on this planet for generations to come.


Are Angels and ETs related?

When we think of angels, we think of beings of light, love, and help. Some of us consider them messengers of the Creator-source of the Universe, others consider angels a higher life form working with humanity for our well-being.

When we think of ETs (extra-terrestrial beings) we think of “little green men” or “grays” or “Pleiadeans” or “reptilians” – not all of which seem loving or helpful, and none of which seem to be messengers from the Creator.

In the Hindu traditions, light-beings are called devas,  whether they’re associated with plants and animals, or with godliness. They all can be visible in our normal 3D world, or not. They work across dimensions and aren’t restricted by space and time.

Angels, fairies, dryads, nymphs, elves, brownies, sprites, and all the various forms of light beings are intelligent, able to work in different dimensions of space and time, and do things that are for our greater good.

So do ETs qualify? Well, there’s more and more evidence that the UFOs we see are traveling across different dimensions and are not limited by space or time. It also seems that some ETs are only visible some of the time to some people.

Is it possible that ancient stories of elves, brownies, sprites, and the like are really stories of ETs? That they’re one and the same form of being?

I think so. All indicators suggest that they are. And, if that’s the case, it’s likely that many stories of Angels are, as well.


Was the word science thrown in Science of Mind in the 1920’s to add legitimacy to the belief system? There’s not that much science to it these days…

The term “Science of Mind” was applied by the Holmes brothers to their experience and understanding of how it is that the mind can be consistently used to heal the body and change life conditions. They encountered the use of the word “science” through 2 streams of thought and work.

One was a British judge, Thomas Troward, who found in the 1880s and ’90s that when he applied the scientific method to the phenomena he was experiencing, he could derive principles that were consistently applicable. The other was a clockmaker from Maine, holder of several US patents for a variety of technologies, named Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. He, after experiencing relief from symptoms his doctors had said were incurable, undertook a 20-year study of the mind and its abilities, basically from 1832 – 1852, finally developing a method that was consistent across thousands of cases. He called it the “science of Christ” partly in the belief that it must have been the method used by Jesus as described in the New Testament, and partly because that was the only model of mental or spiritual healing known at the time. A patient of his became a student and lectured on his method of “mental healing” for several years, then, about a decade after his passing, revised the method to more directly conform to biblical narrative and  formed what is now known as the Church of Christ Scientist.

The Holmes brothers had studied with her and knew that hers was a limited and not entirely accurate doctrine, rather than an application of science, and so looked elsewhere. Continue reading Was the word science thrown in Science of Mind in the 1920’s to add legitimacy to the belief system? There’s not that much science to it these days…


Why do Copper Bracelets Reduce Pain?

I had an interesting discussion with physicist Paul Amundson the other day, during which he shared that the copper against the skin promotes the production of nitrous oxide in the body, which then  opens up the veins and arteries and allows the pressure of the swelling/inflammation to dissipate and so ends the pain-signals in the nerve system. A bracelet opens them in the arm. Other locations affect other parts of the body. Apparently copper ions do similar things in stints and shunts and artificial valves… just in case you didn’t think the body needed more than a few well-known nutrients to function well!


Environmental lawyer Thomas Linzey says the US Constitution was formed to protect corporations, not communities or the people—is that possible?

While I greatly appreciate Linzey’s work and his clarity about the issues around environmental protection (see his organizations website at, I disagree that the founders were creating a state based on corporations for the simple reason that both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson warned us against allowing corporations to endure on several occasions. Also, the Mount Vernon estate was not a corporation according to the materials I’ve seen there, but George Washington developed a self-sustaining community that produced almost everything the several thousand people who lived on it consumed and, through a corporation (a means of raising funds and not imperiling the estate if a shipment got lost—which is the reason the corporation was invented in the 1600s), exported some to Britain and other European countries.

The corporation as an entity with rights entered the picture about a hundred years later, in 1886, and was reaffirmed by the recent Supreme Court decision. So, while the Constitution was not created to protect corporations, those two “minor” changes have set it up to do so. (Thomas J is, I’m sure, causing earthquakes in his grave!)

You may recall that it’s only in the past few decades that more than a handful of folks could incorporate–and most of them did so in Delaware–so the phenomenon has had a long exponential growth curve, has probably exceeded its limits in the US economy (which is why the Limited Liability Company has been invented), and may be approaching its limits within the global economy.



Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog (Apr 24, 2013) hints at the New Energy. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for asking! This is an interesting commentary on what’s unfolding inside us and around us.

She says: “In the Old Age, you received information that all would be erratic” So true! But it was because the “filters”, the people who were receiving and sharing the information, were clogged with conflicting ideas and egoic influences, more than anything else.

She goes on: “Even though the broad categories of the 12 astrological signs continue, as earth and the Universes shift so do stars in the heavens. ” This doesn’t feel quite accurate to me… my understanding is that the earth is shifting on its axis and its position in the galaxy so it looks like things are shifting in “the heavens”… but more, my sense is that all is constantly shifting as a reflection of our inner state, so of course, as our inner state is “uplifted” the externals shift as well.

Her statement: “Eclipses and full moons, as will be occurring this week, are not necessarily worrisome as has been true in the past.” No longer applies. It’s been decades since most of us felt worried about these events–in fact, aware folks have been celebrating them and applying the energy that they exemplify in their lives!

Then she says: “will Lightworkers who have awakened be more joyful and sparkle a bit more? Yes.” I’m certainly feeling this right now–got my glow back! Feels like it’s about the shift from “endings” energy to “beginnings” energy that happened Mar 21. We’ve completed the cycle of the past Aeon and are truly beginning the new. What a fabulous time to be alive! Continue reading Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog (Apr 24, 2013) hints at the New Energy. What are your thoughts?


Is the “Nazi-Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space” real?

This is in reply to a question about an article by Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer on The link is:

Talk about hype!

The answer is No, it’s not. A 10,000 year-old meteorite was carved into a human figurine in about 1,000 c.e.. There is no Buddha and no “statue from outer space”.

The article doesn’t say it’s a statue of the Buddha, but rather a “war god” of the Buddhists, who, the article suggests, is named Jambhala or Vaisravana.


There’s at least 3 reasons why this can’t be true:

  1. Buddhists don’t have “gods.” They have demons and bodhisattvas and other non-human beings, but not gods in the sense of Christian or Greek theology.
  2. Buddhism is a philosophy of peace—the only weapon encouraged is the one that cuts away internal blocks to that peace—and that’s not a lemon but a dagger or dorge, which means thunderbolt.
  3. Buddhist leaders generally have little or no hair on their heads and faces—shaving it off is part of their practice of renunciation—and this guy is as hairy as a Viking!

In fact, the figurine is wearing several crosses and a helmet that suggests he is far more likely to be a Templar than anything else—just one more sign that those mysterious “brothers of the Temple of Solomon” have been far more places doing far more things than anyone ever told us.

So don’t buy the hype… the truth is even more mysterious!



Is the Uncertainty Principle being proved wrong?

No, not really, but higher resolution technology has enabled researchers to employ a pretty effective “work around.” According to the article in the 09-07-12 Science Daily (, more and more folks are finding that if they use a bunch of what they call “weak measurements” they can get a pretty good idea of where a particle has been as it’s shifting from one position to another in space-time.

It’s kind of like taking a bunch of photographs of some people running and then going back through them and figuring out where their feet were at a given moment.

This isn’t the same as being able to determine with certainty where a moving particle is—which is what Heisenberg said is impossible, but it does allow physicists to figure out what a particle may have done in response to they’ve done to it—and that’s all they’re really trying to do.


How does Resentment affect the body?

Whatever we think or feel becomes manifest in our bodies. You know how that is: when we’re joy-filled, we’re radiant, we’re healthy; we’re able to take on whatever we encounter, effortlessly. By contrast, when we’re in distress, the body is weak, the skin is pale, and we may not be able to even eat.

What we don’t always realize is that the experience is not only expressed in our bodies, but stored there. Massage therapists see this all the time: someone is quietly resting on their table and suddenly starts crying or even shouting when a particular place is released in the massage process. It’s also stored in our organs and glands—as a “program” for when and how to function.

Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief and Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion describe how this works. The cells have thousands of receptors that tell the cell what to do based on what chemical and electrical signals they’re receiving, and those receptors change as the number and intensity of a particular signal increases or decreases. This means that the cells of the body get “addicted” to stress or distress or joy and demand more of it!

The feeling of resentment or anger, or any form of stress, sends many signals to the cells telling them to shut down and get ready to fight, and if we maintain such feelings for a long period of time, the cells will literally act as if that’s their only job and stop doing the other kinds of things they would normally do.

Fortunately, we can turn that around. If we can find a way to release the feelings and replace them with a sense of peace or harmony—for even a short time every day—the cells will begin to revert back to normal functioning during that short time. Obviously, the more time we can spend in that harmonious state, the more cells can be restored, and the sooner we can experience full health. This is part of why, when people meditate, many physical conditions are improved. Positive prayer, as communion with the divine, works as well. So does taking regular walks, drives, or boat trips in beautiful places.


What is Illusion and what is Real?

The simple answer is: anything that is in material or energetic form is not the ultimate Reality. In the sciences of physics and of spirit it’s clear that the permanent, unchanging, underlying Reality behind all forms of matter and energy is a single, unified field of intelligence with qualities that we might call Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Flow, Wisdom… and many more.

This means that anything we perceive with our senses or measure with our machines is not, in fact, Real. It may be a fact, but it is not Real. It’s either a personal projection onto the underlying field (known as the Undifferentiated One, or Ground of Being in eastern traditions) or it’s a collective construct of the combined mind of humanity as a whole. In either case, it’s transitory, impermanent, moldable by thought, and therefore always changing (which is the literal definition of the term maya, usually translated as “illusion”).


Are prayers for healing answered or is it the Placebo Effect?

If you believe that you can say words, or take a pill, or go thru a surgery and be cured–without a doubt, or with the full support of someone who has no doubts–you will experience a cure. This is not because there’s someone “out there” listening to and answering your prayer, but because your subconscious body-mind has been convinced that the thing you are doing will get rid of the symptoms you’ve been focused on. To that extent, as Norman Cousins says, “the history of medicine is the history of the placebo effect.”
That having been said, there’s increasing evidence, supporting thousands of years of anecdotes and teachings, that say that if one enters into a state of consciousness in which one feels what some traditions call “the peace that passes understanding” then, like the tumblers of a lock falling into place, a variety of conditions are shifted–and that the same thing happens for the people and animals we focus on as we enter that state of consciousness. The process by which this happens is outlined in the book I helped write: Calm Healing: Methods for a New Era of Medicine.

There’s lots of work being done on this, some sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. The Institute of Noetic Sciences is the leader in the field. My book, Uncommon Prayer, explains how to get to that state of consciousness. If you don’t like books, watch the videos: What The Bleep Do We Know? and Matrix Energetics.